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  Montpelier Races, 2003

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General Contact Information:

The National Society of
Madison Family Descendants

Frederick Madison Smith, President
1180 Peachtree Street
Suite 1700
Atlanta, GA 30309
Tel: 404-572-4714

Questions about the website:
Mark Parsells
P.O. Box 70
Montchanin, DE 19710


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Society Lifetime Members:

The following list includes those members who have pledged financially to become lifetime members of the National Society of James Madison Descendants.

To find out more about how to become a lifetime member, please contact Frederick Madison Smith, President of the Society, at

Carole S. Alderman
Gail Babnew-Silverman
Peter Belfield
Prudence Richardson Beidler
Jacob Ambrose Beidler
Francis Beidler IV
Andrea Lynn Bruce-Smith
Robert G. Bruce
William M. Bruce, Jr.
Carlo Capomazza di Campolattaro
Prudence Beidler Carr
Francis Coleman Carter
Joseph Gregg Casagrande
Rebecca L. Cassagrande
Jerry Casagrande
Ashley Casagrande
Joseph Nicholas Casagrande
Alfred Byrd Taliaferro Conway
George Byrd Taliaferro Conway
Timothy Roy Reid Conway
Betsy Wornom Craft
Sally Madison Macon Dixon
Adrienne Iris Eaton
Iris Collins Eaton
James Madison Ewing
Dana Faulconer
Susan Lewis Fogg
Paul G. Gaines
Scott Madison Goodwyn
Lee Belfield Heath
Mary Eleanor Fitzhugh Hitselberger
Judith K. Jessup
Linda Lewis Jester
Letty Gregg Lynn
Barclay Taliaferro Macon, Jr.
John F. Macon, II
James Barbour Macon III
A. Preston Moore, Jr.
William Poindexter Moore, Jr.
Zachary Taylor Munroe
Julie L. Murray
Gail Alderman Nimitz
*Angine Neely Ogburn
Mark A. Parsells
Eleanor Madison Macon Porter
J. Ridgely Porter, III
Margaret Macon Rhoads
*Johnny Scott
Frederick Madison Smith
Heidi Walker Stucki
Ms. Joseph T. Stubbs, Jr.
The Honorable Helen Marie Taylor
Howell L.T.D. Taylor
Rev. LaVerne Pike Thomas
Ann Belfield Thornton
William Francis Thornton
Frank Vaden, III
Rachel Ann Wehrheim
Kevin Dale West
Samuel J. Wornom, III
Raleigh Elroy Worsham
Claire Ramsey Gaines Yang

* - Deceased