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  Montpelier Races, 2003

Statement of Purpose

About Our Society
The purpose of this Society shall be to honor President James Madison through the association of descendants of the family. This Society shall be literary, historical, genealogical, benevolent, patriotic, educational, and will strive to:

Cultivate ties of friendship among all Madison families.

Provide leadership in the assembling and recording of data, documents, and materials relating to the Colonial and Federal periods of the Madison family.

Perpetuate for future generations the opportunity to commemorate and honor the leadership of their forebears.

Encourage and support true loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Consecrate in our hearts the flag, not as a political symbol, but as an emblem of a heroic nation, for which our forefathers fought and died.

The Society's current officers and directors are:

Frederick Madison Smith, President
Marietta, GA

Susan Lewis Fogg, Vice President
Tappahannock, VA

C. Edward Kube, Jr., Secretary
Mineral, VA

A. Preston Moore Jr., Treasurer
Charlottesville, VA

*Iris Collins Eaton, Registrar
Houston, TX

John William Garrett, IV
Long Island City, NY

Susan Raines Garrett
Chapel Hill, NC

*John Ferratt Macon
Palm Springs, CA

Mark A. Parsells
Wilmington, DE

*J. Ridgely Porter, III
Montpelier Station, VA

Margaret Macon Rhoads
Earlysville, VA

Gail Babnew-Silverman
Gordonsville, VA

The Honorable Helen Marie Taylor
Orange, VA

*Ann Belfield Thornton
New York, NY

Carlo Capomazza di Campolattaro
New Orleans, LA

Susan Macon Jamieson
Richmond, VA

Judith K. Jessup
Falls Church, VA

Letty G. Lynn
Wilmington, DE

Ian S. Norfleet
King George, VA

*James Madison Ewing
Macomb, IL

* Past NSMFD Presidents